Umecrine AB’s business concept is to develop antagonists to CNS-active steroids (GABA-A modulating steroid antagonists, GAMSA) to reduce symptoms and conditions caused by endogenous sex and stress hormones on the brain. This is a unique and novel treatment principle based on antagonizing the action of GABA-A receptor modulating steroids.

The company strategy is to bring componds into development and then out-license, or seek a strategic partnership or an M&A transaction with a company searching for a new opportunity within the field of CNS or Women’s Health.



Torbjörn Bäckström

Chief Executive Officer

Phone +46 72 203 13 13


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Umeå Neurosteroid Research
Center (UNC)

Norrlands University Hospital

SE - 901 85 Umeå, Sweden


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Umecrine AB

Registred office in Umeå

Reg no 556582-0684



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